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Bridge the gap between your stakeholders’ insights & business success.


As a CEO, learn to steer other board members and stakeholders around a common vision. Tapping into their insights, develop and implement a strategy that will drive your organization’s success in a complex and uncertain world.


Foresee when your strategy needs a facelift

Learn to proactively question, adapt or change your strategy while assessing your risks to stay on top of market opportunities and competitive threats.


Get your stakeholders on board

Listen to the signals sent by your stakeholders’ and society – younger generations, activist funds, NGOs, etc. – and integrate them to set the best strategic course.


Lead your organization to profitable growth

Integrating yours and stakeholders’ ideas and concerns, identify how to implement and execute your strategy across a complex organization.

CEOs and Boards of Directors

Team-based simulation

From half to a full day running time


Business Performance, Strategy Map, Balanced Scorecard, Risk
Management, Stakeholder Management, Board of Directors,
Mergers and Acquisitions.

Our unique value proposition?

  • Through a hands-on, team-based roleplay, participants will develop their understanding of stakeholders’ rationales and identify key levers for discussion, while meeting other CEOs.
  • In this playful environment, participants will take a step back by projecting themselves in another industry to optimize their learning.

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