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Turn your anticipation skills into
sustainable growth.


Teach your workforce the key to business success: from understanding cause-and-effect relationships to the rational allocation of resources, participants will integrate how a well-defined strategy is the backbone of sound business decisions and how their actions feed that purpose.


Learn to grab business opportunities

In a simulated environment, identify business opportunities among a multi-product portfolio with multiple customer profiles and design your strategy accordingly.


Thrive in a competitive environment

Build a business intelligence system to analyze competitors and market response to your products while allocating resources consistently, with profitability in mind.


Steer your organization’s decision-making

By the end of the program, you will be able to decrypt the dynamics of your own industry and identify how you can help your organization implement its strategy successfully.

Young talents, Managers

Team-based simulation

1 to 2 days running time


Value Proposition, Value Architecture, Profit Equation,
Price, Value Curves, Resources Allocation, Customer Centricity,
Economies of Scale, Game Theory.

Our unique value proposition?

  • Participants experience competition among themselves, so they can share perspectives and learn more efficiently.
  • We give you the tools to successfully launch your intra-, entrepreneurial and startup projects.
  • We introduce examples based on our experience from a broad range of industries that matter to you.

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