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Strategic decision-making and collaboration at the top.

Unlock your executives’ potential and instill collaboration among your organizations’ top experts: develop your communication and strategic-thinking skills for improved decision-making, better business results and less inner politics.


Grow your influence on the decision-making process

Explore the dynamics of decision-making, identify limiting beliefs, and learn to foster more openness to alternative choices.


Foster decision-oriented dialogs with your peers

Improve communication between experts and senior executives: collaborate on alternative opinions, negotiate and, reach decisions that make business sense.


Drive your executive teams to their full potential

Develop and deploy a vision that sets you apart from competitors. Inspire your organization to respond with agility and efficiency in the face of disruption.

Senior executives & ExCom members

Team-based simulation

Up to 2 days running time


Leadership, Competition, Red and Blue Oceans, Decision
Making, Disruption, Change Management, Strategic vs.
Operational Dilemmas.

Our unique value proposition?

  • Thanks to gamification, participants experience the dynamics of an ExCom, and learn to adapt and thrive in a continuously evolving environment.
  • The mix of soft and business skills allows participants to immediately start playing a constructive role together with their peers.

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