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Project management

Your roadmap to getting projects
started, or back on track.


Never let your projects spin out of control again: let your starters and experienced project managers develop their capacity to identify projects threat, design solutions and implement them while ensuring maximal business value and stakeholder satisfaction.


Get your head around why projects fail

Take part in a challenging simulation and explore the main reasons for project failure. Learn to recognize similar situations, identify solutions and choose the best one.


Identify best practices in use

From stakeholder management to the use of resources, learn to prioritize, negotiate with your team and identify success factors of project management.


Ensure the success of your projects

Thanks to experiential learning, develop the needed skills to balance out business value, schedule and cost in your real-life projects.

Project managers and their sponsors

Team-based simulation

Up to 1 day running time


Project Scoping, Time Optimism, Value for Effort, Efficient
Teams, Pit Falls Identification & Mitigation, Business Value
Maximization, Agile Leadership.

Our unique value proposition?

  • Action-learning allows participants to develop better responses, faster reaction time and openness to alternative solutions.
  • We transfer knowledge about the soft side of project management, including communication, leadership and agility.
  • Our facilitators are experienced project managers with multiple industry backgrounds.

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