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Customer centricity: your key to unlock business potential.


Curiosity is the secret of good marketeers: to create an offer that has value for your customers, you will need to extract the most meaningful information from a large range of resources and leverage them to design and implement smart strategies that lead to profitable growth.


Unlock powerful customer insights

Learn how to conduct a market research, find, and isolate only the relevant information about a new customer segment.


Develop an offer that wows your target group

Explore your customers’ willingness to pay, understand their behavior and discover what keeps them engaged. Identify what holds value for them so you can best serve them and outperform competitors.


Build a strategy focused on customer-centricity

Lay out a roadmap that allows you to cater to your customers expectations while making the most costeffective use of your resources to reach profitable growth.

Young talents and generalists

Team-based simulation

Up to 1 day running time


Customer Centricity, Customer Discovery, Business
Acumen, Offer Development, Pricing, Business Value, Key
Performance Drivers, Uncertainty.

Our unique value proposition?

  • Participants learn to go the extra mile in their market research and to create concrete, actionable strategies with their available resources.
  • Our engaging simulations help you develop your digital workplace and online collaboration environment.
  • Participants learn to articulate marketing with other aspects of the organization, such as strategy, finance or supply chain.

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