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Our Programs

We deliver tailored learning experiences that make sense of our complex and uncertain business world, with fun.

Learning that makes sense

From the business world

Our programs explore the dynamics of the business world and provide the tools to look at the bigger picture and understand how organizations can perform better.

Our learning experiences can be cross-dimensional or focus on finance, strategy, marketing, project management, leadership, governance or fundraising.

For you and your organization

Every learning journey is designed to energize, enlighten and empower participants of all levels, from young talents to senior executives. We draw the link with your organizational needs, so you know what to put into action to reach the results you want.

For society

We are committed to sustainable business performance, which is why our programs integrate systematically an environmental perspective. AquaFin dedicates 10% of their time to volunteering, in the form of Budgeting Education in social institutions.

Learning made fun

Action learning allows participants to learn and retain information more efficiently, by applying their knowledge in a risk-free environment. That is why our programs tap into gamification to yield optimal results, be it business simulations, cases or roleplays.

Learning from experts

Whatever we teach you, we are experts in what we are talking about! Our team is composed of experienced CFOs, Board Directors and other business professionals, whose experience help us bring you the most relevant content for your needs.

Discover our programs

Customized programs

We acknowledge that each organization has its own needs when it comes to training employees, and customization helps companies better respond to their industry-specific challenges.

Contact us, and based on your business challenges, skill gap, corporate culture and industry, either we design a new program, from scratch or we adapt an existing program to better fit your organizational needs

Games that we use in our programs

Agile Move
Apples & Oranges
Decision Base

DiG Business Learning

Fresque du climat
Fresque de la mobilité


MEGA Learning
The Customer Value Challenge

The Beergame App

Meet our founder!

Anne Frisch is a French business expert with a global heart. Based in Paris, she taps into her experience around the world and across industries to give AquaFin its unique touch. Her activities as business trainer and professor at HEC Paris are complemented by various roles as CFO and Board Director in companies of all sizes in the private sector.

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