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Supply chain management

Let your supply chain become your growth muscle.


Achieve improved customer satisfaction and profitability by developing a solid supply chain management strategy. Find out how your value architecture can support your supply chain and optimize your inventory.


Identify what impacts supply chain performance

Learn to anticipate potential risks and understand the root causes of inventory challenges and bottlenecks in production.


Reach better-informed inventory decisions

Reduce obsolescence, shortages risk and lead times, learn to prioritize resources and respond better to supply chain challenges, by leveraging collaboration and information-sharing.


Optimize your client satisfaction and profitability

Develop optimal, stress-free client-supplier relationships and increase your profitability, thanks to improved production planning, better use of resources, demand management and sales forecast.

Operational employees in big organizations

Team-based simulation

Up to 1 day running time


Buffer Strategies, Bullwhip Effect, Last-minute Changes,
Forecast To Suppliers, Bottlenecks, Make-to-order Vs
Make-to-stock, Lead Times.

Our unique value proposition?

  • By using simulations, we allow participants to make concrete decisions in a risk-free environment.
  • Experiential learning yields long-term results among participants andlets them integrate knowledge intuitively, for good.
  • For more senior profiles, we articulate our supply chain and finance programs.

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