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A French national now living in Paris, Anne is a global citizen. She has lived and worked in Germany, North America, Scandinavia and the UK. She speaks French, English, German and Spanish. In her work at AquaFin, she draws on her vast international experience and network.

A former CFO and Board Director of international companies in manufacturing and energy (CGG, Orano, Rio Tinto, Suez, Solvay), Anne has led for more than 30 years technological capital-intensive businesses through deep cycles of change and multiple crisis.

An alumna of HEC Paris, she now collaborates with the HEC faculty to teach corporate finance and strategy to students in Masters programs. She is also Professor and Academic Director in Executive programs, co-designing learning journeys with corporate clients. Her areas of expertise include corporate finance, strategy, mergers & acquisitions, and leadership.

An entrepreneur at heart, she designs and delivers through her own company, training programs based on playful business games and simulations. Her learning experiences are designed to energize, enlighten and empower participants of all levels, from young talents to senior executives. Committed to sustainable business performance, her activities integrate systematically an environmental perspective.

A global citizen, and multilingual, Anne has lived and worked in more than a dozen countries, where she managed large multicultural teams. Now based in Paris, she pursues her international activities, in a volunteer role for HEC Alumni, as President of the International Commission, and member of the Board of Directors.

Anne identifies, tests and selects new business games and simulations that respond to specific client needs and the changing business world. She is always open to new partnerships and has built around her a network of programme designers and facilitators who can enable AquaFin’s global coverage.

Why AquaFin?

“I created AquaFin to find and focus on the ‘positives’ in a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. I believe we need to re-energize, re-frame and re-think how to engage people within their business environment.

I know from experience how hard it can be for middle managers to anticipate, adapt and act when they are in a ‘bubble’ that is not clearly connected to the bigger picture of the organization. This lack of knowledge or understanding can lead to missed business opportunities, ineffective decision-making and it may even adversely affect the wellbeing of an organization and its people, undermining optimal performance. With AquaFin, I am committed to changing that.”

Our partners

AquaFin is a certified partner of Celemi, a recognized leader in innovative learning experiences through multilingual business games and simulations with a certified partner network that spans the globe.

We chose to partner with them because:

  • We absolutely share their belief that people learn best when they are motivated, stimulated and having fun.
  • They are committed to making change happen in ways that are very relevant for the business world of today.
  • As a certified member of the Celemi community, Anne appreciates their focus on openness, honesty, collaboration and co-creation

Celemi on the watch list for Top Experiential Learning Technologies Companies for 2021 !


Selection of this year’s Top Experiential Learning Technologies Companies List was based on the breadth of capabilities and services, the industry visibility, innovation and impact, the strength of clients and geographic reach and the company size and growth potential.

Experience our business simulations with a fantastic team of multilingual and multicultural facilitators

Claudia, English & German

Diane, French, English, German & Dutch

Véronique, French & English

Beate, French, English & German

Martin, English & Swedish Specializes in gamified learning and sales management

Michael, French, English, German and Swedish

Yvette, French & English

Tore,  Swedish and English  Strategic leadership, sales management and gamified learning

Antoine Rabain, Green Enonomy

Eric Bayle, Financiel Modelling

Benoit Sarrade
French, English and German
Climate and Resources

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