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We love to write about business concepts that are respectful of people and the planet. And we love games too!

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Gestion De Projet

Failed projects: the recipe

From the construction of a warehouse to the launch of a new product line or…

Down with optimism: the key to successful projects

Optimism is the tendency to see the glass as half full rather than half empty,…

Learn by playing and boost your performance

"Learning to focus on the positive in an unstable world" is the reason Anne Frisch…

Dog With A Christmas Hat

Is Santa Claus ESG-friendly?

Christmas is approaching and many kids rejoice (far less parents do, though). Gifts, lights, carols,…

Game-based learning is what we need to learn serious things, while having fun.

Back in 2006, Gartner found that, based on their research, the transfer and application of…

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