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Your organization’s transition to sustainability? Makes business sense.


Climate change is on everyone’s lips, yet what does it mean for your business? Be it production, supply chain, the offering or other dimensions of your activity, explore the potential of sustainable operations and decision-making on your organization.


Explore the opportunities of sustainability

Discover the measurable effects of climate change and understand why transitioning to a sustainable organization makes sense from a societal and business perspective.


Identify levers to facilitate your business transition

Spot the levers your organization can tap into to kickstart your transition, not just to sustain your activity, but also to unlock new business potential.


Become an inspiring change agent for your business

Map out your action points to bring your organization and its stakeholders on board in this innovative journey. Lead your company in making socially and environmentally fair decisions.

Young talents and managers

Team-based simulation

Up to 1 day running time


Triple Bottom Line, Science Based Targets, Climate Change
Impact, SDGs, ESG Investing, Circular Economy, Green-branding,Short-Term vs. Long-Term Dilemmas

Our unique value proposition?

  • We think sustainable and we speak the language of business: participants learn to make measurable, meaningful business decisions in line with current sustainability guidelines, and based on their business reality.
  • Our facilitators are business professionals with extensive experience in finance and sustainable transitioning.

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