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Learning experiences designed to energize, enlighten and empower

We use selected business games and simulations that cover a range of topics. From finance fundamentals to business essentials. From innovation enablers to growth strategies.

They are relevant across industries and sectors. From manufacturing to services. From technology to retail. From large companies to start-ups.

We create learning environments that are purposeful, playful and practical.


  • We take the time to learn about our clients – their issues, their expectations and what they are looking for from the investment they are making
  • We design learning experience that are bespoke
  • We create the links between execution and strategy. Participants get to connect the dots and see where they fit within the bigger picture. They make sense of what they do as an individual. And they understand how they can increase their effectiveness and impact.


  • We design environments that are lighthearted, fun and stimulating, with a serious business edge
  • Through our games and simulations, participants discover the power and potential of teamwork and open communication
  • The games are competitive but participants learn to appreciate the importance of collaboration.


  • Our sessions are short and focused and never take more than two days
  • We deal with the realities of the business to encourage actions and outcomes that are immediate and implementable
  • What seemed opaque and complex becomes clear and straightforward – in short, it makes sense.

Our learning experiences

We have selected the best business simulations, and customise them to suit the specific needs of our clients

Facilitated classroom experiences

Digital and blended learning experiences

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