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Congratulation for using this gamified tool. It clearly helps understanding the dynamics.

I am sure I will remember everything, because you added emotions, gamification and colors (and finally music !) to this training session.

These are ingredients of excellent teaching, right!

Thank you, I much appreciated you kindness, dynamism and commitment throughout these 3 days.

A clear and dynamic training with just a little bit of challenge between the teams.
Thanks to the game, we could practice, test strategies, and see the outcomes.
Test & Learn in action!

A training on project management that perfectly combined reflection, attentive listening and lightness.

My guys learned more in one only one day with AquaFin in two weeks of training classic. An effective method!

The game is an educational tool very interesting, and even more when the facilitation of the workshop is led by Anne Frisch.

Game On! Learning by working together in groups and using the game worked out perfectly.

We were all engaged and learned the fundamentals of Business Finance in a way that enables us to remember the concepts for future usage.

After this training, I understand perfectly how my initiatives can improve the performance of my business, in the short and long term. And I can enhance the value of the shares I proposed to the Comex.

Anne’s expertise in finance and business, in addition to her great positive mindset, makes her training facilitation approach very impactful. At each session, participants feel involved and take the best of her knowledge to strengthen their personal and personal and professional impact on the business results, and on the success of the company.

I found the training much more entertaining than I expected – I imagined a Finance course to be somewhat dry in content and delivery. By basing the learning experience on a game it was much easier to take on board and to remain engaged. The trainer was knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Recommended.

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