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Learn by playing and boost your performance

“Learning to focus on the positive in an unstable world” is the reason Anne Frisch created AQUAFIN. She explains how she helps employees to have a positive impact on their company.

Do you believe that everyone in a company can have an impact?

Of course, I do! Every employee can have a positive impact on the performance of their company, on their colleagues and even on the working atmosphere.

But, too often, employees do not have a global vision of the company.

They are experts in their own discipline. They don’t see that everything is connected, and that their decisions can have positive consequences for the company.

We need to help them take a step back to better understand their contribution: that’s why I created AquaFin. Revitalizing, rebuilding, and rethinking the way we involve employees is what drives me.

In my trainings, participants practice decision-making using simulations, with a fictitious company, and in a playful way.

What exactly do you mean by fun?

My training programs are essentially game based. We use business games and simulations with boards, tokens, cards, and fictitious companies.

This is what we call active pedagogy.

Our learning journeys are innovative, fun, stimulating and enhance cooperation. Through games and simulations, participants understand the power of teamwork and open dialogue.

Our programs address all industries and cover a wide range of topics from finance and strategy to project management, marketing, leadership, and agility.

Since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, all our simulations have been available in face-to-face, virtual, or even hybrid formats.

As an alumna of HEC Paris, you still collaborate with the school…

My connection with HEC is very strong: I have been a volunteer at HEC Alumni for over 6 years.

I’m in charge of the commission that federates the international chapters of the 75 countries where we have alumni. I am very committed to gender diversity, and for that matter was also strongly involved in the implementation of the lifetime membership fee, and governance modernization efforts.

And finally, I even came back to our beloved campus to teach finance and strategy to the Grande Ecole and MBA students, and to help on the customized programs for senior executives, always with an innovative and fun approach.

About Anne Frisch and AquaFin

Anne Frisch was for 30 years CFO and executive in manufacturing and energy. She founded AquaFin in 2016, an EdTech start-up specializing in business games and simulations.

Very involved in the HEC community, she is president of the international commission and member of the HEC Alumni committee since 2015.

AquaFin offers fun, practical, and targeted training courses for executives, managers, and experts. These training courses are available in person or online, always in a team environment, and above all in a good mood!

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