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Is Santa Claus ESG-friendly?

Christmas is approaching and many kids rejoice (far less parents do, though). Gifts, lights, carols, food, togetherness, does not that awaken a magical Christmas feeling in you? 🧑‍🎄🎄

Well… 😧 we have to say, we are worried about the elves: with global demand increasing in the coming weeks, they are back at work BIG TIME.

⚒️ 6 days a week, instead of 5 last year.

Santa, the majority shareholder, has decided to increase the weekly production output, to increase revenue, while reducing costs, by sourcing cheaper raw material 💸 and by keeping the elves’ monthly salaries stable. He is the only employer in the village, so he can.

You, dear reader, as a minority investor in Santa Claus Ltd, can help save the elves 💪

Save the elves and shape the world

The way to do that, is to condition your investment into Santa Claus Ltd on their respect of ESG standards. This is one of the fundamental principles of Green Finance 💚


Green finance is the use of public and private money, through loans or equity, to support sustainability. This allows everyone to do their part to help promote sustainability. Most green funding is  tied to specific metrics, for example the ESG criterias.

ESG rating incorporates three pillars:

  • Environment 🌍 e.g., how Santa deals with his ecological footprint and resource use
  • Social 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 e.g., the health and safety of elves, and the impact on the community
  • Governance 🏛️ e.g., (your!) shareholder rights, tax transparency, diversity at Santa Claus Ltd…

By the way, although Santa still has a lot to do to boost his ESG rating, he is a pioneer in green mobility: deliveries are reindeer-powered, and they emit far less carbon than planes.


Make money while supporting a cause

So, by choosing to invest in ESG-friendly organizations, you incentivize the organization to adopt practices 🙌 that are more respectful of the people and the planet, while ensuring better governance.

Even better: did you know there is a positive correlation ↗️🙃 between ESG rating and performance of an investment – and less risk also!

Help organizations become more open to the world around them

Conditioning your investments on ESG ratings is also an incentive for organizations to innovate 💡, to look around them and draw inspiration from other actors within and outside of the industry!

And you know what that means: more agility, more chance to survive 🏆

There is hope that Santa will feel inspired by the Little Mouse Inc. diversity practices, or the Easter Bunny Co. circular economy efforts…

Stay inspired with AquaFin

So, you got the message: the way you invest your money will impact the lives of elves directly, and will influence Santa to take sustainable decisions that make business sense 🔁

As an individual or an organization, if you wish to give back in a more sustainable way, you could for example donate to WWF (Environmental), Restos du Coeur (Social) or Amnesty International (Governance), to name a few.

You can also calculate your ecological footprint 👣 at the following link in english or link in french, and start acting today.

At AquaFin, we believe everyone can impact the world: it is an amazing place to live, so let’s keep it amazing! 🌈 That’s why we incorporate sustainability in all our training programs, whether the focus is on strategy, finance, leadership, governance, or project management.

We also conduct trainings specifically on the theme of business and sustainability, tapping into La Fresque du Climat.

So, if ESG investments or green finance resonate with you or your organization, or look like something you could explore, let’s talk!

Happy Holidays,

The AquaFin team.

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